An unparalleled benchmark in documentary filmmaking. A wicked soundtrack. Powerful imagery. Arundhati Roy’s speech strikes to the heart – every word poiniently and poetically weaving an intricate tapestry of our modern global ache. Western citizens, hear her clarity in objective voice; be confounded by it’s compelling incisiveness. These 64 minutes will rattle your cage.

It is in my opinion a God given duty to spread the truth through which ever medium possible. The People must educate themselves not only to better understand the world about them but to support those truly in need. By not only creating and propagating this documentary (and of course making it free to be enjoyed by the masses), Arundhati Roy and everyone at weroy.org have done a great deed to those with inquiring minds. I want to thank all of you for all the great work, time, and dedication that went into making the documentary, DVD, Myspace profile, trailers, et cetera. You have my full support and I promise to spread this, the best to my ability. Thanks again.

My eyes have opened to a whole new world. I never realized that such horrors occurred during our lifetime. I guess I was just living in a bubble, and somehow knew something else was out there…just wasn’t sure what until now. I have already showed my husband the doc…and i will be sure to show all my friends… as I have alot that are aimless rebels looking for a good cause. Thank you, and I’m not sure where to take it from here…but something has certainly changed in me.

The film brought me to tears… grief is an under-rated thing in the American culture; main stream tv and movies have done a good job at desensitizing the general public to what really happens when a person we love dies. I know first hand. My only son, and the most important man in my life, died suddenly 2 years ago. […] It feels like someone reached in and ripped out my heart. Every morning I wake up and.. he is still dead. The person who came into my life and changed me forever… who loved me more than I had ever been loved before, the person I spent every day thinking about, caring about, loving, teaching and nurturing, for 19 years… Death doesn’t come and go, like changing channels on the tv.. or a birthday, or any event in our lives. Death comes, and it stays. It changes your life forever. You have to learn to live forever with a broken heart. This documentary and Arundhati’s words come closest to the truth about how an unnecessary death ruins people’s lives, how the deaths of countless innocent people we do not know on the other side of the world hurt so many people, and ruin so many lives. I could go on about so many other excellent points made in the film but won’t. I just want to thank you for putting this out here, props for acting selfless in a society overly saturated with selfishness.