We is filled with lots of great music. This is a list of music used by section throughout the film. Please note this is not an official chapter list of any sort, just a description of the segment, estimated time and then the song used.

Some songs are unknown at this time. If you’ve seen the documentary and can identify them, please submit the missing information.

If you enjoy these songs, please visit your local music store or favorite digital music site and purchase them to support the artists!

Opening Credits 0:00 Robbing Charity Curve
Opening Intro 3:40 Black Milk Massive Attack
Nuclear Holocaust 7:00 Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove Dead Can Dance
Nationalism 7:40 Slowly Amon Tobin
Failure of Imagination 12:30 Donny X Faithless
War Raging Around The World 16:00 Mezzanine Massive Attack
The Business of Grief 17:20 Diving Station Boards of Canada
The Grief of History 19:00 ??? ???
September 11, 1922 22:50 Four Ton Mantis Amon Tobin
Winston Churchill 23:51 Four Ton Mantis Amon Tobin
Palestinians 27:45 Dissolved Girl Massive Attack
Israeli Army Raid 31:05 Dog-End of a Day Gone By Love and Rockets
September 11, 1990 37:00 ??? ???
Bombing Iraq 40:00 Help Me I’m In Hell Nine Inch Nails
“Most Peaceful Nation on Earth” 42:40 ??? ???
Free Market 42:40 Undertow (The Spooky Mix) Lush
World Beyond America 55:05 Just Breathe Telepop
Constitutional Blurb 59:45 One Very Important Thought Boards of Canada
Closing Credits 1:00:30 The Bitter End Placebo


Special thanks to Kevin for helping to fill in this list and Sean for the additions/corrections!