Small Fish Online – September 2006

We is a freely-distributed, free-to-air piece of film, distributed from without charge, without credit for its creators.  Unlike the self-promotional, self-important documentaries that have proliferated in the wake of Michael Moore’s commercially successful – if factually dubious – documentary blockbusters, this is a project which seems to be purely altruistic.  Even its agenda is unclear.  ‘Guerilla’ or independent film-making is often fraught with overstressed messages and unqualified bias.  This is absent in We.

Green Left Weekly – September 2006

“This is an unusual kind of “underground” production. An anonymous sympathiser has edited a video recording of Roy’s speech over 64 minutes, interspersing an impressive array of archival footage to illustrate themes and specific historical events. Contemporary music overlaid throughout the piece shifts the mood and quickens the pace. The result is a visual essay rather than a traditional documentary, perfectly suited to its creator’s intentions, which is to spread the anti-imperialist, social justice politics of Arundhati Roy everywhere.”